Now in the App Store: PlugShare for Your Apple Watch

The boonies. It’s 2AM. Your EV battery is getting lowish. Room for error = minimal. Time to quickly navigate to the next pit-stop. A glance at your wrist. Tap. You open the PlugShare Apple Watch app. Cool: it shows you a list of all the closest charging spots based on the filters you’ve already set. Tap again. Boom: all the details for your chosen station instantly pop up. One last tap. Sweet: a map thumbnail appears linked to turn-by-turn directions, and you are quickly en route to electrons.

If you’re an EV-er who’s a new member of the Apple Watcherati, you’ll want to head right to the App Store to check this out for yourself. We’ve built full, no-compromises, PlugShare functionality into a Dick Tracy form factor. And as always, it’s 100% free.

Here’s a partial list of features you get:

  • Open the watch app to see the nearest charging locations using the filters you set in your iPhone.
  • Easily view map thumbnails with tap–for-directions.
  • Quick info on the charging location, like PlugScores, outlet types, and in many places, station availability
  • The ability to send a text message to a checked in user using watch dictation.
  • Streamlined “wristside” check-ins

Special shout out to our master Apple Watch development team including Alex Lampila and Nick Wild for crafting a precision gem.