Recargo Adds More Fast Chargers to Help Drive More EV Miles and Sales

Driving an electric vehicle (EV) long distances in California will soon become much easier as a result of the number of DC fast-charging stations being placed at key locations along US-101.

Recargo, parent company to PlugShare, the industry’s leading charging station locator app, has been awarded more than $1.6 million from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to help complete key routes of the West Coast Electric Highway (WCEH), a network of fast charging and Level 2 electric vehicle stations. Recargo is contributing more than $575,000 of its own money toward the project.

“Our Electric Highway network of fast charging stations will make plug-in electric vehicles even more practical and desirable for drivers,” says Brian Kariger, Recargo’s CEO. “Given the number of long-range electric vehicles soon coming to market, expanding the availability of fast-charging infrastructure is critical to helping manufacturers and local dealers increase EV sales, which in turn will decrease emissions and gasoline consumption.”

The CEC is providing money to key partners to complete the California portion of the WCEH, which is expected to stretch from Canada to Mexico. Recargo will be placing DC fast-charging stations at key sites in Buellton, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, King City, Greenfield, Gonzales, and Gilroy. The stations will be compatible with both the CCS plug used by electric vehicles manufactured by BMW, GM, and Volkswagen, and the CHAdeMO plug used by Kia, Nissan, and Mitsubishi.

Recargo plans to install a minimum of one 50 kW charger plus one Level 2 station at each of the eight sites. In two of the locations, Recargo will also install an additional 50 kW charger. The stations will be located directly off US-101 in safe, illuminated areas with the kinds of amenities drivers and passengers look for during long-distance trips. The fast chargers will enable EV drivers to recharge their batteries in about 30 minutes.

“Although some stations are in convenient locations, it’s very stressful worrying that I won’t be able to plug in because the system is down or the lone charger is already being used,” says Robert Dooley, a Seaside resident who drives a BMW i3. “Increasing the number of locations or adding more chargers to existing spots is very important to me, and will make me feel more comfortable driving longer distances.”

The CEC project will be enhanced by a similar effort from the Monterey Bay Air Resources District, which is looking to spend about $1.2 million over the next five years to add even more DC fast-charging stations in the tri-county area.

“We want to work with the right partners to develop EV infrastructure in our District, which ultimately adds real value to the electric vehicle and the ownership experience,” says Alan Romero, a district air quality planner who notes the CEC project is primarily focused on US-101. “This is a great partnering opportunity to expand EV infrastructure along all the main corridors in our District as well as to enhance the connectivity along the California Electric Highway. As demand for electric vehicles increases, we need to make sure that the right infrastructure is there to support EV drivers after the sale.”

Recargo wants to be one of those partners, and hopes to earn some of the funds being offered by the Air District to place more stations in new areas or increase the number of chargers at existing locations.

“We plan to link to other major corridors throughout California, helping enable EV drivers to travel throughout the state and ultimately wherever they want to go in their cars,” Kariger says. “The funds being made available by the state and air districts will prove to be a major contributor to increasing the number of electric cars on our roadways; we’re excited to be a key partner in that effort too.”

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