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Announcing PlugScore, by Recargo Inc, World’s Largest EV Charging Station Network Offers EV Drivers Ability to Check-in and Review Stations

VENICE, CA and MENLO PARK, CA - September 4, 2013 - With over 20,000 charging stations in North America, and the largest EV network, PlugScore will help make trip planning easier and improve electric vehicle drivers’ plug-in experience by providing users with comprehensive charging information before they pull up to charge their vehicle.

“PlugScore takes the guess-work out of picking a charging station and works much like a restaurant rating system,” said Brian Kariger, CEO of Recargo Inc. “Now, drivers have the critical information necessary to choose the right charging station. PlugScore ratings provide a quick summary of driver reviews and other factors that make up the overall charging experience in a single number.”

PlugScore is an expanded offering that is part of PlugShare, Recargo’s flagship product. PlugShare helps EV drivers by aggregating station listings from EV charging service providers, government agencies and the collective efforts of PlugShare community members. The EV charging network allows iOS, Android, and web users globally to share their outlets and communicate with other PlugShare members in real time using their mobile devices. PlugShare highlight features include:

With widespread coverage afforded by user-generated content curated by in-house editors and the rise of the sharing economy, PlugShare has been able to equip EV drivers with the largest charging network. This has allowed users to adopt a plug-in lifestyle and given the EV industry a platform to scale up its services. A vibrant charging infrastructure depends on an engaged and open community to continue to thrive and move the industry forward. PlugScore is another feature that helps to enable a successful EV experience.

Recargo is committed to driving the EV industry forward and supporting the needs of drivers, manufacturers, and utilities by leveraging a crowd-sourced network to develop robust solutions and services. PlugShare also powers MyFord Mobile and the all new smart electric drive. For more information about PlugShare please visit and follow @PlugShare on Twitter.

About Recargo:

Recargo is a software and services company that provides social driving tools and consumer and industry intelligence to support the adoption and growth of plug-in mobility. The company is based in Venice, CA, with offices in Menlo Park, CA. For more information about Recargo, please and follow @RecargoNews on Twitter.

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