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Recargo Teams with Daimler to Improve Luxury EV Driving Experience

Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive Gains Access to PlugShare Charging Network

VENICE, CA - September 23, 2014 - Recargo, Inc. announced today that the organization is working together with luxury automaker Daimler to provide customized access to PlugShare, the world’s most popular electric vehicle charging station locator and driver engagement platform. Daimler has incorporated PlugShare into its B-Class Electric Drive in-dash navigation system via e-Navigator App, making its comprehensive database and services an integral aspect of the premium Mercedes-Benz EV driving experience.

The collaboration with Daimler is a strategic move by PlugShare to support new programs and partners in the ever-expanding EV market. The relationship furthers the demand for PlugShare’s in-depth, quality-controlled and continually-expanding data and demonstrates how front-end customization of PlugShare can be incorporated into a variety of applications - including in-dash, smartphone, and online.

“We are proud to be working with Daimler, a company with a rich automotive heritage and commitment to excellence, to help make electric vehicle charging easier and more accessible,” said Brian Kariger, CEO of Recargo. “Our collaboration on the B-Class Electric Drive demonstrates how PlugShare can be adapted for automobile platforms and capabilities, to give drivers confidence through convenient access to information that makes the most of driving electric.”

PlugShare is the largest and most comprehensive listing of public, paid and free charging stations with more than 120,000 active users sharing information in North America, and over 100,000 worldwide station reviews, comments, and photos.

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class with PlugShare integration is now available in the United States in select markets. For more information visit

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Recargo Inc. is a leading electric vehicle service provider that offers consumer and industry intelligence to support the adoption and growth of plug-in mobility. Recargo makes PlugShare, the world’s most popular EV charging station locator app. PlugInsights is Recargo’s driver research division, powered by a survey research panel of nearly 10,000 EV drivers. The company is based in Venice, CA, with offices in San Carlos, CA. For more information about Recargo Inc. and the company’s product offerings, visit

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