Infrastructure Data & Analysis

PlugShare Data

PlugShare Data provides the electric vehicle industry access to the most comprehensive and richest quality charging infrastructure data in North America. PlugShare Data customers leverage our database to steer their EV market research, infrastructure planning, charging site prospecting, and public agency reporting activities. The PlugShare database covers more than 62,300 public EV charging stations in North America.

Customers include:

  • Automakers
  • Utilities
  • Charging networks
  • Market research firms

Data Quality

PlugShare is the only charging station locator that confirms charging locations via satellite imagery, contacts site hosts for validation, and reviews partner inquiries and user corrections. A full-time, in-house data integrity team reviews all incoming station data from EV drivers, industry partners, and charging networks, ensuring that our reports meet the highest quality standards.

Custom Research

The PlugShare database contains a rich set of location and station-based data fields that enable a customized report structure for each client’s goals. The database and platform can efficiently analyze data across various dimensions to facilitate a client’s unique research and strategy. PlugShare Data is available for purchase as an individually customized report or an on-demand web service.

Popular reports include:

  • Station counts by charging level and geography
  • Growth charts of fast charging by connector type
  • Charging location rollups by point of interest
  • Lists of the most visited charging locations

Location and station-based data entities include:

  • State/Province
  • CBSA
  • DMA
  • Utility Zone
  • Access Type
  • Cost
  • Hours
  • Parking Type
  • Connector Type
  • Network
  • Point of Interest
  • PlugScore

PlugShare Data On-Demand

EV infrastructure is changing rapidly. The PlugShare Data On-Demand service offers a custom-designed reporting platform for organizations that need access to real-time data. A one-year license comes with:

  • Real-time access through an interactive web portal
  • Custom-built maps, tables, graphs, and charts
  • Advanced filtering, sorting, and drill-down features
  • Initial report setup consultation and ongoing support
  • Reporting and data analysis training
  • Raw data export

Comparison Chart

  PlugShare Quarterly Custom Report Data On-Demand
Purpose General Data for Basic Research Table or Graph for a Specific Research Question Reporting Service with Real-Time, Interactive Analysis
Price $2,500 Contact Us
Quantity 16 Reports 1 Report Unlimited Reports
Service Model Digital Delivery Digital Delivery Web Portal License
(graph, map, or table)
Real-time Data    
Purchase Buy Now Contact Us


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