PlugShare Guide

Plot out your course with PlugShare Guide. We create the map and plot out your unique waypoints so that you lead the way and EV drivers will follow.

About Guide

PlugShare Guide, a new division led by Ashley Horvat, is part of our continuing effort to amplify the voice of EV drivers, by advising and developing effective initiatives for the EV industry to rapidly grow and enhance EV adoption. By ensuring we have a voice at the decision-making table, we are ensuring that those making the important and substantial investments in infrastructure, vehicles, policies, and programs will see long lasting results that lead to growth in the market.

It is crucial to our mission of global EV proliferation that the landscape remain reliable, trustworthy, and constantly adapting to new market needs as technology rapidly advances in this space. With 70 percent of new EV drivers signing up for a PlugShare account, we’re uniquely positioned to recommend and develop pathways that align with where current and future drivers are likely to travel.

Guide will be able to directly measure the impact of chosen routes by utilizing our unprecedented rich data and consumer research mechanisms. Our PlugShare app has become the platform of choice for the EV driver to plot out EV charging routes and now PlugShare Guide will be the platform of choice for the EV industry to plot out strategic market routes.

What Makes Guide Unique

Although we can work with partners to use previously traveled and successful EV deployment routes like the West Coast Electric Highway and Oregon Electric Byways, we are not afraid to take a detour, rethink old routes, unpack weighty and unnecessary baggage, add new waypoints, and bring new people along for the trip. That is the uniqueness of PlugShare Guide: our destination of EV market success will always remain but the means to get to that destination will be nimble, adapting as the market fluctuates, and we’ll always apply a fresh, smart approach — one informed by the preferences of EV drivers.

When we can’t find an existing route, we will create one using technology, expertise, input from PlugShare users, and industry partnerships.

Guide’s Waypoints

You want to increase EVs on your roads and it just so happens we are Electric Guides who know the best routes to get you to where you need to go. Here are the waypoints we can take you to along the way:

  • EV Infrastructure Assessment, Strategy, Planning, & Deployment
  • Technology Solutions
  • Marketing, Outreach & Education Initiatives
  • Strategic Planning
  • EV Plan implementation guidance & support
  • EV Infrastructure, EV Driver, & EV Industry research into action
  • EV Funding Guidance for foundations, NGOs, governments, etc.
  • Federal & State EV Grant Implementation Support
  • EV Program Development (packaged EV programs or single issue programs like EV Tourism & Economic Development)
  • Creative Services (Media, PR, Social Media, Collateral Design & Branding)
  • Dealer and consumer education
  • EV fleet integration
  • Legislative guidance, policy development, and policy support
  • Develop EV industry & non-EV industry partnerships
  • EV Industry Partnership Initiative Development & Alignment

Guide’s Partners

  • Cities
  • States
  • Federal agencies
  • Automakers
  • Utilities
  • EV Charger Manufacturers, Operators, and Networks
  • NGOs
  • Non-EV Industry (Retailers, apparel companies, wineries and other tourism entities, property owners, etc.)

Current Guide Initiatives

  • Partnership with Energy + Environmental Economics (E3), Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), and U.C. Davis to conduct fast charger site assessment
  • Partnership with Energy + Environmental Economics (E3) and Seattle City Light to craft an EV and grid analysis
  • Partnership with Kia and the Oregon Wine Country EV Byway Alliance for the Kia Soul EV launch in the Pacific NW with Plug & Pinot Event
  • Partnership with Travel Oregon to manage current, and develop new, EV Tourism initiatives

Let us provide the map and be your guide. Contact us today and we will start mapping out our electric course!

Ashley Horvat

Vice President Strategic Initiatives
(503) 360-2500
Washington High School
531 SE 14th Avenue #201
Portland, OR 97214

As Chief EV Officer of Oregon, Horvat was one of the main authors of the multi-state ZEV Action Plan, chaired the public-private Energize Oregon Coalition, coordinated EV actions between state agencies, created and implemented public-private partnership EV initiatives such as the Oregon Electric Byways, and led all EV infrastructure programs for the state. Prior to that appointment, Horvat designed and implemented the West Coast Electric Highway program in Oregon, which included 44 DCFC locations throughout the state. In addition to managing EV projects, she also has experience managing large-scale solar and other renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.