A message from PlugShare CEO, Nick Wild

Los Angeles | July 14, 2021

Today we’re announcing that PlugShare and our parent company Recargo have been acquired by EVgo, the largest public EV fast charging network in the United States.

EVgo is an ideal home for us as they support our core principles of neutrality and co-operation. They have been a great network partner of ours for a long time and have always valued sharing their network data with the PlugShare community and hearing your feedback to better understand how they can serve drivers better and get your unique perspective on what is happening “on the ground” at their stations.

While we’re now part of the EVgo family, PlugShare will remain an open resource to support all of the charging networks and other EV companies and organizations that are so vital to building an electric future. EVgo’s support will allow us to continue this mission in an even stronger way in the years ahead.

Critical things that are not changing:

  • Our neutrality. PlugShare will treat EVgo the same as we do every other charging network when it comes to the app and web experience. Zero bias in search results, reviews, PlugScores, and trip planning routes.
  • Our commitment to data protection and privacy. EVgo will not gain access to the PlugShare database to use as a marketing tool.
  • Our product commitments across the Web, Android™ and iOS™, as well as new platforms like Android Auto™ and CarPlay™.
  • Our focus on enhancing the EV driver experience and accelerating EV adoption.
  • Above all, our focus on and commitment to you, the driver.
Even as Covid-19 continues to be a challenge in many parts of the world, it has been amazing to see the acceleration of EVs this year. Thanks to you, PlugShare now lives on over 3.2M mobile devices, helping to make owning an EV worry-free. It’s inspiring to see the PlugShare community spirit in action, with more than 3 million driver reviews and 500,000 photos contributed so far, with many more to come.

The road ahead is now, more than ever, one to a clean transportation revolution and we are so very honored to be on the trip with you.

Happy charging and safe travels,

Nick Wild
Co-Founder and CEO and the entire PlugShare team