PlugShare Dashboard

For Charging Network Operators

List Your Stations on PlugShare

Get your stations listed on PlugShare! This is a great way to drive utilization and improve accuracy of the listing including the location, costs, availability and plug types.

Live Station Availability

Improve customer satisfaction by adding live station availability. Let users know the number of ports available before they travel to your charging station.

Administrative Operator Dashboard

Manage your listings and interact with PlugShare users in the Operator Dashboard. You'll be able to easily view all your stations and their check in activities. Access usage charts and optionally set email notification alerts for new reviews, photos, or edits.

Communicate to your Customers

It's important to communicate to your customers to maintain a good reputation and high PlugScore. The dashboard allows you to message customers that posted complaints as well as post announcements and maintenance notices.

Accept Pay with PlugShare

Pay with PlugShare allows all PlugShare users to easily pay for charging at your station, directly in the PlugShare app! Users will be able to pull up and quickly charge at your stations without a lengthy sign-up process.

Free Embedded PlugShare Map

Get access to a free embedded map to use on your CPO website. Let your users easily find all your charging locations without having to go through the process of developing your own custom map.

Contact Us

To get your stations listed and get access to a management portal, please fill out this form:
Note: A bespoke transport/protocol requires significant engineering resources. Due to the volume of requests we receive and our limited engineering bandwidth for onboarding, OCPI integrations will be prioritized.
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PlugShare strongly prefers using OCPI integration protocol and supports version 2.1.1 and 2.2.
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