EV Charging Map App

Find EV Charging Stations with PlugShare

PlugShare is a free EV driver's app for iOS, Android, and web, allowing users to find charging stations, leave reviews, and connect with other plug-in vehicle owners. It has the most accurate and complete public charging map worldwide, with stations from every major network in North America, Europe, and throughout much of the globe.

PlugShare is also home to the largest community of EV drivers in the world. Every day, drivers add more station locations, constantly making the app more comprehensive, powerful and accurate. From within the app, users check-in when they charge, sharing tips, comments, and photos of their charging experiences.

Thousands of drivers also list their personal home charging stations for public use on PlugShare, helping to fill the gaps in the charging infrastructure. These drivers have complete control over the times and terms of their station's availability, how other members can contact them, and what personal information is displayed.

Key Features and benefits

  • Access a database of 250,000+ charging stations in USA and Canada.
  • Global coverage of an additional 450,000+ charging stations.
  • See over 5,800,000 station reviews and 725,000 charging station photos.
  • Get turn-by-turn navigation straight to the stations you're looking for.
  • See reviews, tips, and photos from tens of thousands of other EV drivers.
  • Check user-based PlugScore ratings help you find the most reliable stations
  • Set up easy-to-use smart filters that let you see only the stations you really care about. Like the ones that are compatible with your EV. Or stations from your favorite network. Or specific station types (like fast chargers or level 2 stations).
  • Check ahead to see if the station you want is open for use (where available).
  • Pay for charging right in the app with Pay with PlugShare (at participating locations).
  • Direct message other PlugShare users in-app, making it easy to share and coordinate access to public stations.
  • Turn on notifications that alert you when a new charging station is installed nearby.
  • Add new stations you discover and make the EV community even stronger.
  • Find all the stations along a road trip route with a built-in trip-planner - perfect for Tesla trip planning.
  • Monitor your charging session from within the app.
  • New features added all the time.