Questions and answers about the PlugShare and J.D. Power collaboration

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Why are PlugShare and J. D. Power working together?
It’s a case of two strong companies with complementary, unique skillsets forming a collaboration to bring a new level of insights to the electric vehicle industry.
J.D. Power is a global leader in consumer insights, advisory services and data and analytics. Its rankings are the gold standard for measuring consumer satisfaction. The J.D. Power Benchmark Awards inform consumer choices across a broad range of categories, including utilities and automobiles. The world's leading businesses across major industries rely on J.D. Power to guide their customer-facing strategies.
PlugShare has a uniquely powerful research strength in the emobility category, especially in public EV charging infrastructure and EV driver insights. PlugShare operates the PlugInsights survey panel, with over 63,000 EV drivers, and has been supplying custom insights to automakers, utilities, government and the rest of the EV category since 2013. The PlugShare app is the most popular among EV drivers, with over 1 million community members worldwide.
What products will PlugShare and J. D. Power be jointly developing?
PlugShare and J.D. Power will be collaborating on a series of crucial studies covering multiple aspects of the EV experience, including the overall ownership experience, charging at home, and charging in public (featuring the first-ever J.D. Power Benchmark Awards for EV charging networks.)
Will PlugShare Research still provide custom research and reports independent of J.D. Power?
Yes, we’ll continue to independently provide our clients with custom “voice of the EV driver” survey research and qualitative studies using our PlugInsights panel. We’ll also provide clients with charging infrastructure insights with our PlugShare DataTools EV infrastructure analysis and API platform. And finally, we will continue to regularly publish syndicated reports of importance to emobility clients.
Is this a merger or acquisition?
No. PlugShare and J.D. Power are fully independent companies which are combining forces to provide a new level of insights to the EV category.
When will the jointly developed reports become available and how can I purchase them?
The first reports are expected in late 2020/early 2021. They will be sold through the J. D. Power sales team.
How does this affect the privacy of PlugShare registered users?
PlugShare NEVER shares the personally identifiable information of any of its users with any outside entity, including J.D. Power.